Portisco and the beaches

Portisco: a residential village born near the beach of the same name, a destination for tourists who decide to holiday between Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo, two of the most beautiful destinations on the Costa Smeralda.
Portisco is also internationally known for the enchanting Marina di Portisco, which hosts yachts and mega-yachts sailing the Costa Smeralda. In the dock, there are services of all kinds, Restaurants, Bars, Market, Tobacco shop, ATMs and various other shops.

The beaches of Portisco: the coast of Portisco is formed by small beaches and sandy coves, surrounded by low Mediterranean vegetation. Just below the estate agency’s offices lies the first cove under the port, continuing to the beach of Portisco and further north, the cove opposite the villas of Portisco. Not far from the beach there is a modern equipped port, Marina di Portisco, ideal for those who own a boat. Over 500 moorings, also used by mega-yachts sailing the Costa Smeralda.

Why buy a house in Portisco: Portisco is a prestigious location for real estate purchase: it is located halfway between the two most important places on the Coast, namely Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo. It is located in the municipality of Olbia, one of the municipalities where property prices are constantly increasing, ideal for an investment.



The beach of Capriccioli, in Gallurese means ‘goat’. The granites and rocks smoothed by the sea form various coves, located south of Porto Cervo. The beaches of Capriccioli all have fine, clear sand, a real spectacle just 15 minutes from the Porto Estate Agency’s holiday homes.


On the coastal road that leads to Porto Cervo lies the small cove of the Cala Razza di Giunco ​​beach. A small, equipped beach suitable for dogs, formed by fine white sand and granite rocks with Gallura’s typical pink colour.


The beach of Romazzino is formed by white sand, which has slight shades of pink, fine sand, which alternates with the thin gravel of the multicoloured granite! A dream beach surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, it is about 15 minutes from the Port Estate Agency.


The Pevero beach is an inlet of white and soft sand. It stretches for three hundred metres, and is impressive with the changing colours of the sea, which vary from green to transparent. It is about 30 minutes from the Immobiliare del Porto’s apartments.


The Spiaggia del Principe, so named for being the favourite of Karim Aga Khan IV; Poltu di li Cogghj is the ancient name, it is a still wild and beautiful natural fjord. Only 15 minutes from Immobiliare del Porto’s apartments.


La Celvia beach, in rosy white colours, has sand formed by small granite quartz and fragments of shells and corals. Surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, it is one of the jewels of the Costa Smeralda, only 11 km away. from the houses for sale by the estate agency.


Located in a small promontory, there are two beaches: Petra Ruja and Liscia Ruja, fine sand, low Mediterranean scrub and pink granite rocks on both beaches. Petra Ruja is smaller, while Liscia Ruja has a coastline of approximately 700 metres, suitable for children.


Located north of Portisco, it is about 2 km. down the road from the estate agency, and can be reached by taking the coast road that leads to Porto Cervo. The beach has a fine white sand, a shallow waters, which makes it ideal for children to swim.

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